HUNTSVILLE, Ala., April 23, 2012 – Darmstadt-Dieburg County in Germany has launched its new ‘Citizens GIS,’ providing residents and businesses easy access to government information. Also known as the ‘BürgerGIS’, this is a pure HTML Browser solution on top of Intergraph’s GeoMedia Smart Client. Recently announced, GeoMedia Smart Client provides a means for organizations to geospatially accelerate their business workflows with the power of GIS.

Using a digital map of the county, users can access a variety of local government information. Themes range from commercial property and development plans, to schools, cycle routes and hiking trails. The BürgerGIS is available via the county’s website under the ‘Bauen/Umwelt’ (building/environment) heading.

The BürgerGIS portal enhances transparency, making local information readily available. “Its operation is similar to that of widely-used commercial mapping platforms, but the data are more authoritative”, states the head of Agency for Land Management (AfB) Heppenheim, Thomas Knöll. Citizens can now easily access valid, up-to-date information regarding administration, economy, tourism, cultural life, building and the environment, society and social affairs, education and schooling, traffic, consumer protection and security.

District Councillor Christel Fleischmann, Prof. Werner Pilz as the former head of AfB Heppenheim, Thomas Knöll as Pilz’s successor, and the entire project team were present at the launch of the new service. Werner Pilz, who is considered the father of GIS in the Darmstadt-Dieburg County, outlined the progression of the BürgerGIS portal: “In 1994, the county identified a need to provide digital and geospatial data for the nature conservation and building authorities. In 2002, we began scanning development plans, but the records could only be accessed at specific workstations. In 2005, this information, along with other local government data, was made available internally through a WebGIS. Nine of the county’s municipalities utilized the internal GIS, and this was further enhanced by the addition of municipal data. We worked hard to convince all the stakeholders of the benefits of GIS.” Today, the administration relies on the system. “With BürgerGIS, we have reached a new level of transparency, as part of our internal data is now publicly available,” confirms Christel Fleischmann.

“Intergraph has partnered with Darmstadt-Dieburg County since it began developing a GIS back in the 1990s,” adds Dr. Horst Harbauer, Senior Vice President at Intergraph SG&I EMEA. “Our close business relationship with this customer is still going strong. The Darmstadt-Dieburg County and the Hesse Administration for Land Management and Geoinformation monitor IT trends closely and are quick to implement any beneficial solutions they identify. Accordingly, the district of Darmstadt-Dieburg was one of the world’s first municipalities to exploit the new WebGIS technology back in the late 1990s. Intergraph has been delighted to work with them in this latest phase with a citizens’ services solution based on GeoMedia Smart Client.”

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