Hexagon Geospatial has recently launched their Smart M.App application, which is a new way of communicating information and business intelligence through a cloud application, and with that a worldwide contest called IGNITE that will give away 260k USD to the winners!

Anyone can participate in the contest, and during the first phase you have to submit your business idea for an innovative Smart M.App application that solves a specific business problem in one of the following markets:

  • Finance
  • Food
  • Safety
  • Conservation
  • Health
  • Infrastructure

Hexagon Geospatial will then choose the top 20 ideas and these will go into the next round of the contest, to actually develop their application using Smart M.App.

The prizes are great and are definitely worth trying your luck:

1st prize: 100k (usd)

2nd prize: 50k

3rd prize: 25k

And the rest of the top-20 picks will receive 5,000.

Give it a try, applications are open until May 1st !