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Earth’s magnetic field imagery by ESA

image credits: ESA/ATG Medialab The first set of high-resolution results from the European Space Agency’s (ESA) constellation , Swarm, shows changes in earth’s magnetic field. After six months of measurements by Swarm a general trend of the field’s weakening especially in the Western Hemisphere and a strengthened magnetic field in the southern Indian Ocean was revealed as well as movement of magnetic North towards Siberia. These changes are based on the magnetic signals stemming from Earth’s core. Scientists also plan to analyze the data to study the magnetic contributions from other sources such as oceans, magnetosphere etc. in an effort to further...

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GIS in action by governments

We have all heard it before , Geographic Information Systems technology is crucial in decision making processes and various studies not only for individuals and companies but also for federal agencies. We also know that actions speak louder than words, so a brief presentation, of three quite interesting GIS applications by US government , follows The US Drought Monitor  A weekly updated map of drought conditions in the United States showing the long-term issues and impacts of droughts and amongst other interesting information you can also download relevant gis data.  The sea level rise and coastal flooding impacts viewer  Developed by...

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Esri User Conference-United we map

Only few weeks are left till the UNITED WE MAP user conference that will take place in the San Diego Convention Center from July 14th to July 18th, 2014. In an effort to bring together people who are creating and studying  maps that redefine how we tackle social, economic, business, and environmental challenges, ESRI organizes and invites everyone interested to this startling international conference.The agenda includes hundreds of technical workshops, user sessions, product demos, speeches and labs giving GIS professionals and non-professionals the chance to hear, try and experience the latest geospatial innovations. Five days of innovative practices in real-world projects, technical...

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The FOSS4G conference

The annual global FOSS4G conference will be held in Portland, Oregon, USA from September 8th to 13th, 2014. FOSS4G is considered the biggest global gathering for developers, users and a broad spectrum of organizations and fields of operation interested in open source geospatial software. This will be the tenth FOSS4G conference powered by OSGeo organization and sponsored by a number of organizations and individuals including Google, Esri, Azavea, Terrestris etc. The program begins with two days of workshops followed by three days with presentations and discussions (main conference) and in the last day -the Code Sprint – participants will be able...

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CNES and NASA for Global Water and Ocean Surface Mission

On May 2nd, Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales (CNES) and NASA agreed and signed the formal agreement regarding the launching of Surface Water and Ocean Topography (SWOT) altimetry satellite in 2020. The two organizations will collaborate for designing, assembling, launching and operating a spacecraft aimed in conducting the first ever global survey of Earth’s surface and ocean water in detail. The SWOT satellite equipped with a wide-swath altimetry technology will be able to completely cover the world’s oceans and freshwater bodies with repeated high-resolution elevation measurements. The possibilities provided by those data, in surveying Earth’s surface water, observing the ocean’s...

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