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Smart MApp competition with 100k USD first prize

Hexagon Geospatial has recently launched their Smart M.App application, which is a new way of communicating information and business intelligence through a cloud application, and with that a worldwide contest called IGNITE that will give away 260k USD to the winners! Anyone can participate in the contest, and during the first phase you have to submit your business idea for an innovative Smart M.App application that solves a specific business problem in one of the following markets: Finance...

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Esri User Conference-United we map

Only few weeks are left till the UNITED WE MAP user conference that will take place in the San Diego Convention Center from July 14th to July 18th, 2014. In an effort to bring together people who are creating and studying  maps that redefine how we tackle social, economic, business, and environmental challenges, ESRI organizes and invites everyone interested to this startling international conference.The agenda includes hundreds of technical workshops, user sessions, product demos, speeches...

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The FOSS4G conference

The annual global FOSS4G conference will be held in Portland, Oregon, USA from September 8th to 13th, 2014. FOSS4G is considered the biggest global gathering for developers, users and a broad spectrum of organizations and fields of operation interested in open source geospatial software. This will be the tenth FOSS4G conference powered by OSGeo organization and sponsored by a number of organizations and individuals including Google, Esri, Azavea, Terrestris etc. The program begins with two...

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CNES and NASA for Global Water and Ocean Surface Mission

On May 2nd, Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales (CNES) and NASA agreed and signed the formal agreement regarding the launching of Surface Water and Ocean Topography (SWOT) altimetry satellite in 2020. The two organizations will collaborate for designing, assembling, launching and operating a spacecraft aimed in conducting the first ever global survey of Earth’s surface and ocean water in detail. The SWOT satellite equipped with a wide-swath altimetry technology will be able to completely...

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The GEO Appathon 2014

Great ideas implemented and developed into Apps are not only welcome but also rewarded in the GEO Appathon 2014. The Group on Earth Observations (GEO) is running Appathon in an effort to help invigorate and improve the environmental monitoring and management of our planet through the vast potential of Earth observation data. The launch event of this first ever GEO Appathon was held on 7th May 2014 at the Geospatial World Forum 2014 in Geneva,  Switzerland. The Appathon ends Friday, August 31...

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Eurogeographics releases new version of EuroGlobalMap V7.0 Open Data

Open data are always a pleasant surprise for anyone that is familiar with the time and money consuming process of acquiring and creating your own geographic datasets. In many study cases open data can be just as useful as their expensive counterparts. Eurogeographics’  opendata EuroGlobalMap (EGM) is a 1:1000000 scale topographic dataset that contains administrative boundaries, water and transport networks, settlements, elevation as well as names locations and can be used as background for a...

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Disaster management with InaSAFE 2.0

An updated version of the Free and Open Source Software InaSAFE 2.0 was developed and released by Indonesia’s National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB) and the Australian Government along with the contribution of the World Bank-GFDRR. InaSAFE 2.0 works as a plugin for QGIS and the new version includes the ability to work with road data, e.g., downloading roads maps directly from OpenStreetMap (OSM). According to Dr Syamsul Maarif, the Head of Indonesia’s National Disaster Management...

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A glance in the Copernicus Earth observation project’s first imagery

Sentinel-1a was launched only a few weeks ago as part of the Copernicus Earth observation project and the first set of acquisitions, using the satellite’s ‘Strip map’ mode at 80 km swath and 5×5 m resolution, includes the urban environment of Brussels, a flooded area in Namibia, the northern part of the Antarctica Peninsula, glaciers in West Antarctica and the most recent radar image of the Netherlands. The images were available in less than an hour once they had been received by the ground...

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Discovery of Kepler 186f – is this Earth 2.0 ?

Astronomers announced the discovery of the first planet that is of similar size to Earth and also sits in the habitable zone of its system. Kepler 186f was discovered using NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope, about 500 light years away from the Earth. The new found planet is just 10% larger than Earth and its distance from the sun in that solar system allows for water to be present in liquid form. There have been discoveries of Earth-sized planets before, or planets sitting in the so called...

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we‐do‐IT launches Mobile GIS Solution: LatLonGO

Global geospatial IT solutions provider to the Telco and Utility industries, we-­‐do-­‐IT, formally announced the launch of its mobile GIS solution LatLonGO. LatLonGO distributes GIS information to mobile applications (iPad, Android and Windows 8 tablets). It compresses and packages the data for mobile tablet devices, allowing them to work offline without network access. It can load data from a variety of GIS formats. “Our vision is to provide geospatial data from any GIS vendor on any server...

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