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iSTAR 360 degree Measurement Module integrated by imaging companies

Arithmetica and Veesus use NCTech SDK to provide measurement capabilities for applications including forensics, construction and surveying NCTech, the developer of reality imaging systems, today announced that the Measurement Module for its industrial-grade iSTAR panoramic camera has been integrated into offerings from software firms Arithmetica and Veesus. First announced at the SPAR 3D conference and tradeshow in April, the Measurement Module is delivered as an NCTech SDK and enables iSTAR users to take measurements from directly within a spherical image by combining a ‘stereo pair’ of iSTAR images. The accurate measurements generated are valuable for applications such as asset...

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Google Project Tango brings consumer 3D scanning to life

Google just announced their new project called Project Tango, which basically brings us closer to a new era where the documentation of our physical world will be in our fingertips. Google built an android phone with special sensors that allow the phone movements tracking, but that also capture the physical world around it, recording 250.000 points per second! As point clouds and lidar data have been concepts quite frequent in the geospatial industry the past couple of years, this evolution will bring those concepts closer to the consumers. Google is shipping 200 prototype phones in March to developers that...

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Helicopter view in Google Maps directions

Google has just unveiled a new impressive functionality in its googlemaps “getting directions” part. Up to now, after you selected your starting and ending point, google maps drew the suggested route based on a number of criteria you could change and see it shifting. Now, there is a small button “3D” next to the directions title, that will give you a “helicopter view” of your route! Naturally, this functionality is not working in all parts of the world, but it is quite a sight to watch. A great addition from google, and one that could provide great potential for...

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