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Earth’s magnetic field imagery by ESA

image credits: ESA/ATG Medialab The first set of high-resolution results from the European Space Agency’s (ESA) constellation , Swarm, shows changes in earth’s magnetic field. After six months of measurements by Swarm a general trend of the field’s weakening especially in the Western Hemisphere and a strengthened magnetic field in the southern Indian Ocean was revealed as well as movement of magnetic North towards Siberia. These changes are based on the magnetic signals stemming from Earth’s core. Scientists also plan to analyze the data to study the magnetic contributions from other sources such as oceans, magnetosphere etc. in an effort to further...

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Eurogeographics releases new version of EuroGlobalMap V7.0 Open Data

Open data are always a pleasant surprise for anyone that is familiar with the time and money consuming process of acquiring and creating your own geographic datasets. In many study cases open data can be just as useful as their expensive counterparts. Eurogeographics’  opendata EuroGlobalMap (EGM) is a 1:1000000 scale topographic dataset that contains administrative boundaries, water and transport networks, settlements, elevation as well as names locations and can be used as background for a wide range of applications including planning, monitoring, network analysis and environmental modelling. The new version EGM V7.0 covers 46 countries and territories in the...

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Esri Developer Summit in Europe 2012

In four different European countries ESRI will host it’s 2012 Developer Summit in Europe. Begin with Rotterdam,Netherlands on 9 November 2012 then London,UK on 12 November 2012 follow by Madrid,Spain on 15 November 2012 and in the end Berlin,Germany on 19 November 2012. The DevSummit features technical sessions on hot topics and new GIS software functionality. The DevSummit features technical sessions on hot topics in web and mobile mapping technology, as well as new GIS software functionality. There will also be plenty of time to network with other developers. Agenda at a Glance 8:00 Registration 9:00 Morning Plenary Session...

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Meteoalarm – severe weather warnings for Europe

A useful website for the citizens of Europe is http://www.meteoalarm.eu. The website provides the information needed to deal with extreme weather events expected to occur somewhere over Europe. Warns of possible occurrence of intense weather events like heavy rainfall at the risk of flooding, severe thunderstorms, gale-force winds, heat waves, fog, snow or extreme cold with blizzard. It also warns of dangers caused by extreme weather phenomena such as avalanches, forest fires and intense coastal tidal phenomena. Meteoalarm is developed for EUMETNET, the Network of European Meteorological Services. This initiative is strongly supported by WMO the World Meteorological Organization....

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