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A glance in the Copernicus Earth observation project’s first imagery

Sentinel-1a was launched only a few weeks ago as part of the Copernicus Earth observation project and the first set of acquisitions, using the satellite’s ‘Strip map’ mode at 80 km swath and 5×5 m resolution, includes the urban environment of Brussels, a flooded area in Namibia, the northern part of the Antarctica Peninsula, glaciers in West Antarctica and the most recent radar image of the Netherlands. The images were available in less than an hour once they had been received by the ground station. Sentinel-1a with its C-band synthetic aperture radar (SAR) is destined to be used for...

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Visit the Eiffel Tower with Google Maps

You haven’t go to Eiffel Tower to see the beatifull Paris view? Or you want to remember your last visit… Google Maps added one of the world’s monument’s to his Google Cultural Institute list. These modern-day Street View panoramas sit alongside nearly 50 archival images, plans, engravings and photos telling the story of the Eiffel Tower’s development and social impact in the 19th century. Some of the archive material is quite rare and precious such as a recording of Gustave Eiffel’s voice by Thomas Edison. If you want, you can visit the whole Eiffel Tower part HERE. Press here for larger map (or if...

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France maps out defence for war on mosquitos

As temperatures rise and the rains continue to fall, concerns in France have turned to the country’s surging mosquito population. A new interactive map looks set to give residents and holiday-makers a head start in avoiding those nasty mossie bites. After a spring that featured rare levels of flooding in France, water-loving mosquitos are on the march, it seems. Normally encountered in the southern half of the country, the disease-carrying insects have “invaded” parts of France like Aube, near Paris, according to Alain Boyer, mayor of the town of Barbuise. They have been particularly drawn to parts of the...

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