GEOINT 2011 Breakouts

The GEOINT 2011 is finished. You will find here all the videos from the GEOINT 2011 Breakouts. GEOINT 2011-Breakout Crowd Sourcing Intelligence-Disaster Relief & Recovery GEOINT 2011-Breakout Future of Int’l Commercial Satellite Imagery GEOINT 2011-Breakout The GEOINT Dimension of Socio-Cultural Analysis GEOINT 2011-Breakout GEOINT in Support Homeland Security GEOINT 2011-Breakout Cloud Computing & Intelligence Mission...

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GEOINT 2011 Tech Talks

The GEOINT 2011 is finished. You will find here all the videos from the GEOINT 2011 Tech Talks. GEOINT 2011-Tech Talks Craig A Knobloch, USC GEOINT 2011-Tech Talks Geoffrey Peters, Urban Robotics GEOINT 2011-Tech Talks Denise Bleakly, Sandia National Labs GEOINT 2011-Tech Talks Andrew Levine, TASC/TexelTek GEOINT 2011-Tech Talks Pat Thomas, Quantum GEOINT 2011-Tech Talks Dr. John Carbone, Raytheon GEOINT 2011-Tech Talks John Downey, Woolpert Inc. GEOINT 2011-Tech Talks Don Murray, Safe Software GEOINT 2011-Tech Talks Maura C. Lohrenz, NRL GEOINT 2011-Tech Talks Terry B. Bobbie, Stinger Ghaffarian Technologies GEOINT 2011-Tech Talks Jeremy Wilson, Raytheon Trusted Computer Solutions GEOINT...

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GEOINT 2011 Symposium

The GEOINT 2011 is finished. You will find here all the videos from the GEOINT 2011 Symposium. GEOINT 2011-James R. Clapper, Jr., Director of National Intelligence GEOINT 2011-Ms. Letitia A. Long, Director, NGA GEOINT 2011-Bruce A. Carlson, Director, NRO GEOINT 2011-Gen. Keith B. Alexander, U.S. Army, Commander-USCYBERCOM, Director-NSA GEOINT 2011-William Craig Fugate, Administrator, FEMA GEOINT 2011-Panel on Integrating Intelligence GEOINT 2011-Panel Forging Collaboration in the Coalition Environment GEOINT 2011-Gen. Douglas M. Fraser, Commander U.S. Southern Command GEOINT 2011-Cong. Mike Rogers, R-MI; Cong. Dutch Ruppersberger, D-MD GEOINT 2011-Gen. Robert “Bob” Kehler, Commander, U.S. Strategic Command GEOINT 2011-Panel: Executive CIO GEOINT...

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GEOINT 2011 Interviews

The GEOINT 2011 is finished. You will find here all the interviews from the GEOINT 2011. GEOINTv 2011 Intv-Aimee McGranahan GEOINTv 2011 Intv-Rob Mott GEOINTv 2011 Intv-Dr. Max Baber GEOINTv 2011 Intv-Maj. Chris Quaid GEOINTv 2011 Intv-Dwayne Squires GEOINTv 2011 Intv-Dewey Houck GEOINTv 2011 Intv-CW3 Jim Shafer GEOINTv 2011 Intv-Gary Adkins GEOINTv 2011 Intv-Matt O’Connell GEOINTv 2011 Intv-Carrie Drake GEOINTv 2011 Intv-Jeff DeTroye source P.S.: We will update the post if the GEOINTv publish more...

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The GEOINT 2011 Symposium takes place Oct. 16-19 at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in San Antonio, Texas. The GEOINT Symposium is the nation’s largest intelligence event of the year. Last year, GEOINT 2010 attracted more than 4,000 total attendees to hear speakers and see exhibits focusing on a multi-INT agenda, and this year we expect another great turnout. This year’s theme is Forging Integrated Intelligence. With this in mind, GEOINT 2011 offers 10 keynote speakers, three amazing panel discussions, lunchtime workshops, and afternoon breakout sessions on human geography and socio-cultural dynamics, open source GEOINT, weapons of mass...

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NGA launches new website

The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency launched a new public website Wednesday, Oct. 5, 2011. This new website allows users to easily access NGA mission partner items of interest, corporate information, career and student opportunities, as well as quick links to social media presence. This launch is a critical step in implementing NGA’s vision of “Putting the Power of GEOINT in Your Hands.” Over the next year, NGA will make further website enhancements to improve the user’s experience by providing a customizable interface and a GEOINT application marketplace. The goal is to provide a single access point for NGA’s unclassified geospatial...

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