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Olympics 2012 and GIS – UPDATED

Today is the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympic Games in London. Google, Bing, Blom and other big companies published NEW maps and images from the Olympic London. You will find here Google Street View, Bing Maps BirdEye, Blom Imagery… – Google Maps has added Street View imagery of the Olympics Park and some of the other stadiums being used for the 2012 London Olympics. The Olympic Stadium and the Orbit Wembley Stadium – Google Again!!! Google make a webpage especially for the Olympics – LINK One of the most interesting parts is the following map… – Also The...

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GIS Software Updates 2012-17

With Google Street View you can explore the Jerusalem’s Old City streets – After Poland Google Street View also comes to Ukraine, the other host of the EURO 2012. Visit Kyiv – You can also explore the historical center of Lviv, another UNESCO World Heritage Site. The city dates back to the 14th century and features the Ploshcha Rynok central square. – The Odessa National Opera and Ballet Theatre is also now available, where artists like Tchaikovsky, Sergei Rachmaninoff, Enrico Caruso, Feodor Chaliapin performed. – And Freedom Square in Kharkiv is the largest square in Eastern Europe and is...

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GIS Software Updates 2012-13

Version 3.0 Prerelease of the ArcGIS API and Viewer for Flex are now available – LINK OpenLayers 2.12rc1 just pushed, with native UTFGrid support – LINK Esri OSM editor 2.0 (server based) was released this week – LINK High-resolution updates to the ArcGIS Online World Imagery map cover Seoul, Abu Dhabi, & more – LINK gvSIG 1.11 portable 1.0 releashed this week – LINK MapsMarker updated and this week. v2.2 is available with new map options for greater usability, updated Italian translation, TinyMCE bugfix – LINK ArcGIS API for JavaScript Version 2.8 Released – LINK And now the articles...

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Google Street View hops on the train and becomes Train View to capture the Swiss Alps

The latest days Google Street View goes to Amazon by feet or by boat, goes to Poland just before the EURO 2012 and to the beautiful Thailand. Now it changes strategy and becomes train view to capture one of the world’s most scenic railway routes—the Albula-Bernina line in Switzerland which is also a UNESCO Heritage site. First view the video of the make-off and then browse the map… View Larger Map Tip: If you click one time up from where we put the view, then you enter the...

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Thailand is the newest addition to Google Street View

Busy days in Google Street View as they announced the third addition to Google Street View in just three days. (previously Amazon and Poland) This time is Thailand! So the imagery of greater Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Phuket is now available on Google Maps. Below you can see Bangkok’s Grand Palace, one of Thailand’s great national treasures. The 360-degree imagery in Google Maps provides an immersive sense of what this spot is like in ways that a single, still photo wouldn’t be able to encompass. For example, scroll around the panorama and you’ll see Bangkok’s bustling roads littered with...

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Explore Poland on Google Street View

Earlier today we published an article about the Google Street View in Amazon. But Google never stops to surprise us, as they announced in such a short time the expansion of street view in Poland. You can check out cities such as Krackw and Warsaw at eye level. This June, the eyes of soccer fans from around the world will be on Poland and Ukraine as they host the 2012 European Football Championship. In addition to the more than one million tourists expected to visit Poland alone, now everyone can explore this beautiful country that just became available via...

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Visit the Amazon with Google Street View

Google Street View released street view for the area of Amazon. Now anyone can experience the beauty and diversity of the Amazon. Here is an intro video Take a virtual boat ride down the main section of the Rio Negro, and float up into the smaller tributaries where the forest is flooded. Stroll along the paths of Tumbira, the largest community in the Reserve, or visit some of the other communities who invited us to share their lives and cultures. Enjoy a hike along an Amazon forest trail and see where Brazil nuts are harvested. You can even see...

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