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Improved web version of Nokia Maps for smartphones

Nokia announced the updated web version of Nokia Maps will work for iOS devices running v4.3 upwards and Android with v2.2 and up, as well as for BlackBerry’s running OS 7.0 and up. Right now there’s navigation support for cars, public transport, and walking, as well as audio directions in English. For the audio directions you will need to download a 1.9mb extra file, which works ONLY for walking routes. < The application is still in beta stage but is improved in terms of speed, from the last version. If you don’t want to use the application you can...

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Nokia Maps WebGL (Beta)

After the release of Google Maps in WebGL, Nokia released a WebGL map application, which is extremely smooth and it renders very fast 3D Buildings with photo-realistic quality, as good as the Google Earth does. For you to see the Nokia Maps WebGL, all you have to do is to have the latest Google Chrome and to press this link. P.S.: In the picture you can see the Buckingham Palace in...

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