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Leaflet 0.4 Released

Do you want to embed OpenStreetMap into your webpage? There’s a new version of the popular Leaflet library to help you do the job done! It comes with a simpler API and lots of great improvements and important bugfixes, along with a major update to documentation, an official plugins page and the launch of this developer blog. You can find all the improvements in the website of the library release –...

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GIS Software Updates 2012-13

Version 3.0 Prerelease of the ArcGIS API and Viewer for Flex are now available – LINK OpenLayers 2.12rc1 just pushed, with native UTFGrid support – LINK Esri OSM editor 2.0 (server based) was released this week – LINK High-resolution updates to the ArcGIS Online World Imagery map cover Seoul, Abu Dhabi, & more – LINK gvSIG 1.11 portable 1.0 releashed this week – LINK MapsMarker updated and this week. v2.2 is available with new map options for greater usability, updated Italian translation, TinyMCE bugfix – LINK ArcGIS API for JavaScript Version 2.8 Released – LINK And now the articles...

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New OpenstreetMap website interface

The OpenStreetMap website says goodbye to the tabs and welcome to all the new enhancements. You can see in the Featured Image above the big difference between the old and the new interface. (The old is in the upper section of the image) The new is more fresh, more modern, more easy to use. We can’t wait for more OSM website updates. Visit the OSM website...

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ArcGIS Editor for OpenStreetMap

The ArcGIS Editor for OpenStreetMap is a free, open source add-on for ESRI’s ArcGIS Desktop. The Editor makes it easy for the user to download the OpenStreetMap data, make changes to the dataset, and contribute those changes back to the community. The Editor provides Simple tools to upload and download OpenStreetMap data An OpenStreetMap-compatible geodatabase schema to locally store OpenStreetMap data An OpenStreetMap symbology template for faster editing Conflict-resolution tools for reconciling data back to the OpenStreetMap database For the download link and more information click...

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Foursquare Quits Google Maps In Favor of OpenStreetMap

Foursquare just made a switch away from the Google Maps API to OpenStreetMap. For that project they hired MapBox, a company that makes maps out of OpenStreetMap data. That switch is a result of Google’s decision to start charging for access to the Google Maps API in October of 2011 (link). The transition from google to openstreet is not over yet for all the parts of FS but hopefully it will finish soon. The announcement from foursquare –...

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