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Hera Systems Unveils Groundbreaking $1 Pricing for Satellite Imagery

Hera Systems has unveiled the industry’s most aggressive, simplest pricing for high-resolution satellite imagery and video. Enterprise commercial and government customers that sign up now to receive Hera Systems’ products will be the first to benefit from the company’s solutions. The competitive structure includes per-square-kilometer pricing as low as $1 for archived one-meter resolution imagery, $2 for freshly tasked one-meter imagery orders, and $3 for 50-centimeter resolution products. Hera Systems’ breakthrough pricing and simplified ordering process reduce and eliminate the obstacles that have typically put such imagery products out of reach for customers and made the budgeting process cumbersome....

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New Ideas and Markets Emerging Based on Big Data from Space

The Copernicus Masters competition is inviting all interested participants to submit outstanding ideas, applications, and business concepts involving innovative uses of Earth observation data by 13 July 2015. Along with cash prizes, the winners will receive access to a leading international network, corresponding data, start-up funding, and other support valued at more than EUR 300,000 in total. The tremendous amounts of data produced by the European Earth observation programme Copernicus and its Sentinel satellites hugely benefit science and public authorities and open the door to countless products and applications in a wide array of business sectors. The European Space...

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30 cm WorldView-3 Imagery Products Available Now!

European Space Imaging is excited to announce they are now accepting orders for 30 cm WorldView-3 satellite imagery products. According to DigitalGlobe what users can expect from smaller pixel resolution is an “ability to resolve smaller features, see greater textures, extract features more accurately, have better photo interpretation, and simply enjoy a clearer picture”. Other benefits of 30 cm include: easier to see non-linear features, like circles and ground markings improved image analysis for asset tracking and financial analysis or urban planning shows finer detail to allow for greater feature extraction To see the differences and for more sample imagery...

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CNES and NASA for Global Water and Ocean Surface Mission

On May 2nd, Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales (CNES) and NASA agreed and signed the formal agreement regarding the launching of Surface Water and Ocean Topography (SWOT) altimetry satellite in 2020. The two organizations will collaborate for designing, assembling, launching and operating a spacecraft aimed in conducting the first ever global survey of Earth’s surface and ocean water in detail. The SWOT satellite equipped with a wide-swath altimetry technology will be able to completely cover the world’s oceans and freshwater bodies with repeated high-resolution elevation measurements. The possibilities provided by those data, in surveying Earth’s surface water, observing the ocean’s...

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A glance in the Copernicus Earth observation project’s first imagery

Sentinel-1a was launched only a few weeks ago as part of the Copernicus Earth observation project and the first set of acquisitions, using the satellite’s ‘Strip map’ mode at 80 km swath and 5×5 m resolution, includes the urban environment of Brussels, a flooded area in Namibia, the northern part of the Antarctica Peninsula, glaciers in West Antarctica and the most recent radar image of the Netherlands. The images were available in less than an hour once they had been received by the ground station. Sentinel-1a with its C-band synthetic aperture radar (SAR) is destined to be used for...

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Intergraph and Digitalglobe announce geospatial challenge 2012 winners

On Tuesday March 6, Intergraph and DigitalGlobe announced that Priyanka Mehta and Allison Howard are the two winners of the 2012 Geospatial Challenge. This contest was an opportunity for individuals in the fields of remote sensing and GIS to submit their research on innovative ways of using DigitalGlobe’s unique WorldView-2 satellite imagery in Intergraph’s ERDAS IMAGINE software. This contest received more than 115 proposals from remote sensing experts around the globe. Priyanka Mehta’s research sought to classify urban land use and land cover to visualize temperature profiles and heat island effects as functions of urban development. The extra four...

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Impressive 3D City Models from ComputaMaps

ComputaMaps is a provider of geodata products to clients across six continents, and one of the most impressive products they offer is their 3D City Models. As they state in their website, “These city models can be deployed in various applications such as navigation and location-based services, game environments, military and security, and news graphics.” They have models from many cities around the world, which you can search through a nice interactive map here: http://www.computamaps.com/products/3Dcitymap.htm Check out a video from one of their latest projects, Bogota in Colombia below. Source imagery for this auto-textured model was acquired using the Digital...

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