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Сurrent weather and satellite layers for your map application by Openweathermap

What if we combine current weather maps with satellite imagery layers to compare the real look providing by satellite and the modeling data? This basic example shows you the option of satellite and weather maps combination and visualization on the one Leaflet map.All currently available data sets, also including snow, wind, precipitation and clouds can be connected to the map to extend this application and make your desirable satellite-weather combination.As a satellite layer, in this example, we used NASA GIBS imagery, yet we’re looking forward to provide this kind of imagery directly through the VANE platform additional to Landsat...

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Proteus Geo works with AECOM to test new Bathymetry Service

Proteus Geo, a leading provider of satellite-based mapping services and data, is working with global infrastructure services firm AECOM to test its new satellite derived bathymetry service. The two companies recently completed a day of workshops, where AECOM experts looked at how the enhanced water depth data provided by the DHI analysis of DigitalGlobe satellite data could support the delivery of real-life projects. The workshops were designed to increase understanding of how the satellite-derived data would be used on real projects to further aid the development of the service. Over the past four years, Proteus Geo has worked in...

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Copernicus Masters: BMVI Earth Observation Challenge for Digital Transport Applications

The German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI) invites innovators to develop new transport applications that exploit the potential of Copernicus in possible combination with other geo-data. Oberpfaffenhofen, 13.07.2016 Geared towards entrants from all over the world, the sixth edition of the biggest international competition in the commercial use of Earth observation data is on the hunt for outstanding ideas, applications, and business concepts that use such information in everyday life. Myriad industries and areas of public interest stand to profit from the advances of the Copernicus programme. On behalf of ESA, AZO and its world-class partners...

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European Commission Launches Copernicus Accelerator

To speed up the user uptake of the European Union’s Earth observation programme Copernicus, the European Commission’s Copernicus Accelerator will now foster the development of commercial space applications and products. Tremendous amounts of data from space – especially the kind produced by Copernicus – present countless opportunities, and are becoming an increasingly common component of commercial products and applications in numerous sectors of the economy. Fascinated by the possibilities in intelligent data analysis, young start-ups and scientists in particular are developing a growing interest in Earth observation and the big data it generates from space. “The goal of the...

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European Satellite Navigation Competition

Awarding Galileo Enabled Applications From 1 April to 30 June 2016, the European Satellite Navigation Competition (ESNC) – the largest international competition for the commercial use of satellite navigation – will once again be looking for outstanding ideas and business models. Renowned institutions and regional partners are set to award prizes worth a total of EUR 1 million in more than 25 categories. In our modern, data-driven economy, satellite navigation is a crucial technology that facilitates constant and reliable object localisation – the bedrock of the Internet of Things. Since 2004, the ESNC has evolved into a leading fixture...

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Life-Saving Maritime Rescue Drone Wins ESNC

This evening, the global satellite navigation community gathered at the ddb forum in Berlin to recognise the year’s most brilliant innovations in commercial applications of satellite technology. The project POSEIDRON won over the international jury of experts with its remote-controlled multicopter built to support maritime search-and-rescue services – and took home the grand prize ahead of the European Satellite Navigation Competition’s 29 other winners. Mr Enrique Martínez Asensi and his winning team hope to see Poseidron save lives far out at sea when people fall overboard or are involved in shipwrecks that occur during illegal immigration. Custom-developed by Sincratech...

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Building Radar Wins Copernicus Masters Competition

Building Radar GmbH – providing a global, satellite-based online database for new construction projects – has just been named this year’s overall winner of the international Earth observation competition Copernicus Masters. Founded in Munich by Paul Indinger, Leopold Neuerburg, and Artem Ostankov in 2014, the start-up came out on top in the competition’s European Space Imaging High-Res Urban Challenge and went on to edge out the winners of seven other categories for the grand prize. The Building Radar online platform, which already contains more than a million construction projects and over 200,000 company profiles, uses a custom-developed algorithm to...

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Earth’s magnetic field imagery by ESA

image credits: ESA/ATG Medialab The first set of high-resolution results from the European Space Agency’s (ESA) constellation , Swarm, shows changes in earth’s magnetic field. After six months of measurements by Swarm a general trend of the field’s weakening especially in the Western Hemisphere and a strengthened magnetic field in the southern Indian Ocean was revealed as well as movement of magnetic North towards Siberia. These changes are based on the magnetic signals stemming from Earth’s core. Scientists also plan to analyze the data to study the magnetic contributions from other sources such as oceans, magnetosphere etc. in an effort to further...

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