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Сurrent weather and satellite layers for your map application by Openweathermap

What if we combine current weather maps with satellite imagery layers to compare the real look providing by satellite and the modeling data? This basic example shows you the option of satellite and weather maps combination and visualization on the one Leaflet map.All currently available data sets, also including snow, wind, precipitation and clouds can be connected to the map to extend this application and make your desirable satellite-weather combination.As a satellite layer, in this example, we used NASA GIBS imagery, yet we’re looking forward to provide this kind of imagery directly through the VANE platform additional to Landsat...

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Weather Layer now available in GoogleMaps API

Google has finally enabled the use of the Weather Layer in its googlemaps API a couple of days ago. Developers can now use the API to include the weather information that google draws from weather.com in their map applications. The relevant documentation for that part of the API can be found in the googlemaps weather layer API docs. You can see an example of use of the weather layer inside a simple map here: https://google-developers.appspot.com/maps/documentation/javascript/examples/layer-weather Keep in mind that you cannot embed maps containing weather information, as well as traffic information...

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Europe’s next weather satellite gears up for launch

20 March 2012 Following the safe arrival of the MetOp-B weather satellite in Kazakhstan, the sophisticated craft is now being carefully assembled and tested before launch on 23 May. MetOp-B will provide essential data for weather forecasting and climate monitoring. Developed as a joint undertaking between ESA and Eumetsat, the MetOp programme comprises a series of three identical satellites for continuous observations until 2020. The first in the series, MetOp-A, was launched in 2006 and marked a new era in operational meteorology – it was Europe’s first weather satellite to orbit Earth from pole to pole. It is now time...

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