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Visit global landmarks through Google Maps Photo Tours !

Google has just released the new Google Maps Photo Tours, a new feature that enables you to visit landmarks around the world through a 3d-like experience that is automatically generated from public contributed photos! There are already more than 15.000 photo tours available around the globe, ranging from famous landmark buildings to iconic sceneries and natural wonders of our planet. This is a new service from google that will undoubtedly bring new aspects to the travel related side of google maps. We are looking forward in seeing it used in the API in the future. Please note that using...

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Nokia Maps WebGL (Beta)

After the release of Google Maps in WebGL, Nokia released a WebGL map application, which is extremely smooth and it renders very fast 3D Buildings with photo-realistic quality, as good as the Google Earth does. For you to see the Nokia Maps WebGL, all you have to do is to have the latest Google Chrome and to press this link. P.S.: In the picture you can see the Buckingham Palace in...

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Google Maps in WebGL

Google Maps in WebGL or Google MapsGL If you have FireFox 8 or Google Chrome14 (WebGL Enabled) then you’re now one step closer to experiencing and interacting with a 3D mirror of the real world within your browser with Google MapsGL. Google MapsGL takes Google Maps and harnesses the power of Web Graphics Library (WebGL) to create far richer visuals and animations. WebGL is a new technology that brings hardware-accelerated 3D graphics to the browser without additional installed software. With WebGL your maps experience is much better with 3D buildings, smoother transitions between imagery and the ability to instantly...

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